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Mushroom Chocolate (10 bars): This decadent chocolate will help you conquer the day. Our renowned Mushroom Blend is a component of each luxurious dark chocolate bar. This Limited Edition batch is the most delicious way to enjoy the advantages of the top 10 useful mushrooms. Mushroom Chocolate is a rich dark chocolate prepared by top chocolatiers in Northern California. buy mushroom chocolate

Shroom and mushroom bars with polka dots For a beautiful dessert, we mixed heritage cacao with our enormously well-liked Mushroom Blend. Every bar contains 780 milligrams of useful mushrooms. You may have mushroom chocolate at any time as a treat to end the day or as a meal component (try a few tiny pieces mixed with your morning cereal or chia pudding). buy mushroom chocolate


Good Trip Mushroom Chocolate Bars



Willy Wonka 100g Chocolate Bar

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