The Risks and Side Effects of Smoking Magic Mushrooms

The Risks and Side Effects of Smoking Mushrooms

You can indeed smoke mushrooms, however, it is debatable if doing so would result in the same psychedelic effects as eating them. The Risks and Side Effects of Smoking magic Mushrooms

Dried mushrooms can be combined with tobacco or cannabis or crushed into a powder and rolled up for smoking. Additionally, some individuals insert pure psilocybin crystals into pipes. However, neither of these choices is smart.

Healthline acknowledges that staying away from illicit substances is always the best course of action and does not support their usage. Nonetheless, we think that to lessen the potential danger that comes with usage, information should be easily accessible and truthful.

What happens?

It’s difficult to predict exactly what occurs when you smoke mushrooms. The only stories that exist are from folks who have spoken up and shared their experiences on places like Reddit because there hasn’t been any study done on the topic.

Some people who smoke mushrooms claim to experience a slight high, but nothing quite as intense as a trip you could get from taking many capsules or consuming a tea preparation.

However, the majority of others claim that it is a complete waste of time and has no consequences whatsoever, save mild nausea.

If there are no psychological impacts, it could just be a matter of temperature. Lighting up mushrooms eliminates the primary component that gives them their hallucinogenic properties since psilocybin degrades at high temperatures.

Is it dangerous?

When it comes to smoking mushrooms, there are a few things to keep in mind. Then there are the standard dangers connected to mushroom use.

The Risks and Side Effects of Smoking magic Mushrooms

Smoking mushrooms might have negative impact effects on your health. The most typical dangers are as follows:

  • Inflammation of the lungs and other respiratory problems can result from smoking mushrooms.
  • Smoking mushrooms reduces the drug’s hallucinogenic effects. People may overconsume the substance as a result of this. It’s possible to overdose.
  • It is difficult to determine the precise psychoactive ingredients in each dosage without doing a thorough scientific examination. Unpredictability in individual impacts might result from ignorance.
  • The likelihood of acquiring a mental illness or experiencing its symptoms might rise with mushroom smoking. During a terrible trip, some people feel bewilderment, anxiety, paranoia, and panic attacks.
  • The immune system may be weakened by mushroom smoking. An immune system that is compromised might leave the body vulnerable to infections. The most prevalent type of infection is respiratory.
  • It is possible for smoking mushrooms to negatively impact cardiovascular health. There might be blood vessel damage, variations in blood pressure, and an elevated heart rate.

To better understand the effects of smoking mushrooms on the body, continuous medical studies, as well as anecdotal evidence, are being gathered, in addition to the substantial research being done on other kinds of mushroom consumption.

Physical side effects

Additionally, mushrooms can have certain negative physiological consequences, such as:

elevated blood pressure and heart rate
vomiting and nausea
elevated core body temperature
tummy aches, diarrhea, and weak muscles
haphazard motion
can you smoke magic mushrooms

Even while smoking mushrooms won’t likely cause you to go on a long trip, it’s still a possibility to be ready for.

How do People Use Shrooms?

The conditions, setting, mental state, and dosage all affect how someone experiences shrooms. A person’s shroom trip is also influenced by their size, weight, tolerance, and pre-existing medical issues. Prescriptions and other medications you take must also be taken into account when consuming mushrooms. Best way to eat shrooms

Oral ingestion

Oral use is the most popular method for shroom usage. One way is to turn the dried mushrooms into a powder and put it in a pill form so it’s easier to take.

  • Tea
    To produce mushroom tea, mushrooms can also be steeped in hot water. This makes the tea warm. This technique, according to some users, lessens the likelihood of nausea, which is a typical adverse effect of mushrooms.
  • Lemon Tek
    Dried mushrooms are steeped in lemon juice or similar acidic liquid for this approach. Many think that the acidic content of the juice quickens the body’s process of converting psilocybin to psilocin. The medicine has a stronger effect on them.
  • Alcohol
    Similar to other narcotics, alcohol is frequently consumed when using mushrooms. The effects of the combination are unpredictable since both drugs affect perception and cognition. Combining the two may result in unsafe conduct, abdominal discomfort, and generalized physical strain.
  • Combining them might intensify the effects and produce unexpected reactions, raising the possibility of disorientation, anxiety, paranoia, and panic attacks. The Risks and Side Effects of Smoking Magic Mushrooms


Regularly taking a small dosage of mushrooms is known as microdosing. The amount of the medicine is ever so slightly raised with each subsequent dose. Individuals microdose for mood and focus’s milder effects. When used in little doses, microdosing often doesn’t cause a trip.


Eating is exactly what it sounds like. People may consume the dried mushrooms by themselves or combine them with other meals and drinks.

  • Powdered Form
    The dried mushrooms will be taken by individuals and powdered. Better still, the powder is mixed with oil. Brownies, cookies, and other treats are usually made with the fat that results from this process.
  • Chocolate Bars
    Some people use powdered mushrooms and blend them with chocolate, letting it set. Chocolate candies or bars are the end product.
  • Honey and Syrup
    It may be used as a sweetener by infusing the powder into honey and syrup. Over time, the active ingredients in the mushrooms permeate the sweetness.
  • Smoking
    It is not recommended to smoke magic mushrooms for eating. The hallucinogenic effects of shrooms are diminished when cooked. Individuals who have a weak or nonexistent trip may abuse the substance. Most individuals who smoke mushrooms do so by crushing them up into a pipe. Some roll cannabis or marijuana into a joint. Some people may find the smoke from smoking mushrooms to be excessively strong. It might release a dense, black fog and irritate the lungs.

What is the Legal Status of Shrooms in the U.S.?

Similar to other illegal substances, states have different laws governing the use of shrooms. The spores from mushrooms are allowed in some places as they don’t become hallucinogenic until they are completely mature. Both the pores and the mushrooms are prohibited in several states.

Georgia has laws that prohibit both. It is illegal for anybody to purchase, sell, or possess spores or mushrooms. A Schedule I drug is mushroom. The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) in the United States offers five drug classifications. Substances listed as Schedule I are very addictive and have no medicinal use.

The Oregon Psilocybin Services Act was passed by Oregon. Thanks to this statute, psilocybin can now be used medically. The first state to enact this legislation was Oregon.

The use and possession of mushrooms have been decriminalized in some cities, including Santa Cruz, Oakland, and Denver. Shroom violations are now considered low-level and unimportant in these cities. Rather, the focus is shifting to the plant’s medicinal properties.

There are stringent regulations even in locations where possessing mushrooms is permitted. The United States’ legality of mushrooms is still developing. Where can you legally buy magic mushrooms

How do I know if I Have a Shroom Addiction?

There are indicators of a mushroom addiction to be aware of. Here are some reasons why it’s not a good idea to smoke mushrooms.

consuming a lot of mushrooms over an extended period

Difficulty reducing or managing the usage of mushrooms

Investing a great deal of effort in growing, consuming, or healing mushrooms

Having strong desires to utilize mushrooms or needing them

Abusing mushrooms despite the consequences—such as difficulties at work, school, or in relationships—and not stopping

gaining a strong resistance to mushrooms. Having withdrawal symptoms if one does not consume mushrooms. Learn more are magic mushrooms addictive

What are the Symptoms of Shroom Withdrawal?

The physical and psychological symptoms that appear after someone quits consuming mushrooms are known as “withdrawal.” Withdrawing from mushrooms may be unpleasant and challenging. That is, nonetheless, the initial step toward recuperation and overcoming the effects of mushrooms. can you smoke magic mushrooms

The following are some signs and how long they last for shroom withdrawal:

  • Anxiety, agitation, sleeplessness, pains in the muscles, perspiration, diarrhea, vomiting, and strong drug cravings are some of the symptoms. Depending on the person’s level of dependence, these symptoms might range from minor to severe.
  • The length of time it takes to get off of mushrooms varies based on the user and the particular substances they consume. Typically, symptoms appear 12 hours after the last usage. A week or longer may pass between symptoms.
  • Medication-assisted therapy (MAT) is a useful tool in the management of mushroom withdrawal. Medication is used in this treatment to assist in controlling symptoms and lessen cravings. Approaches to behavioral treatment can also assist in addressing the psychological elements that underlie addiction.
  • There are risks. Withdrawing from mushrooms needs to be done under medical care.

What is the Timeline for Shroom Withdrawal?

It is to comprehend the shroom withdrawal procedure. It is easier to go through the procedure once you know it. Maintaining lowers the chance of a relapse or continuous drug misuse.

Acute withdrawal is the initial phase, which is followed by less severe and post-acute withdrawal. Withdrawal after an intense episode may persist longer and be harder to control. Each of them has unfavorable side effects. The typical signs and length of mushroom withdrawal are listed below.

A crash occurs 1-2 days after amphetamine use stops, signaling the beginning of acute withdrawal. Acute withdrawal symptoms then start and typically persist between five and fourteen days. Symptoms of acute withdrawal:

  • Fatigue 
  • Increased appetite
  • Bodily twitches
  • Slowed reaction and response time
  • Muscle aches and pains
  • Irritability 
  • Vivid dreams and nightmares
  • Depression

Where acute withdrawal ends, severe withdrawal begins. This phase usually occurs one to two weeks following the previous dosage. Among the more severe withdrawal symptoms are:

  • Intense cravings
  • Anxiety
  • Irritability and agitation
  • Increased depression
  • Hallucinations or psychosis
  • Seizures or delirium tremens (DTs)

When the consequences of withdrawal persist for more than two weeks, post-acute withdrawal symptoms, or PAWS, manifest. Some people claim to have had PAWS years after they began to heal. Symptoms of post-acute withdrawal:

  • Problems with short-term memory
  • incapacity to pay attention, concentrate, or focus
  • Absence of self-control
  • Depression
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Not being able to enjoy yourself
  • yearning for substances
  • Weary
  • erratic sleeping habits
  • Pain that is not related to a medical condition

In order to assist manage these symptoms and improve a person’s capacity to stay sober and healthy, medical practitioners may prescribe drugs.

Safety Tips

Although there is no such thing as totally safe chemical use or smoking, there are steps you may do to lessen your risks.

If you decide to use mushrooms, keep the following advice in mind:

Select an alternative approach. It’s really not a good idea to smoke, especially when using mushrooms. Most likely, nothing will affect you. Furthermore, you could breathe in dangerous spores.
Take care of your dosage. The lowest dose is where you should start and work your way up gradually. Higher dosages of hallucinogens raise the risk of unpleasant effects and an unfavorable trip. Hallucinogens can be unexpected.

When smoking them, take a breath without holding it. Your lungs are exposed to pollutants for extended periods of time when you inhale deeply and hold your breath. If you plan to smoke mushrooms, make sure to immediately exhale.
Get a trip sitter. It is advisable to have a sober and reliable person on hand who can aid you if you have an intoxicating experience.

Select the ideal moment. When it comes to psychedelics, your experience is influenced by your mood. Regardless of the method you choose, make sure you only take mushrooms when you’re feeling upbeat.
Select the appropriate location. It’s best to go someplace comfortable and safe. It will calm you down and protect you in case you have hallucinations or anxiety.

Remain hydrated. Mushrooms can cause dry mouth and an increase in body temperature. To stay hydrated before, during, and after your vacation, drink a lot of water. It could also facilitate the downsizing.
Consume something. Particularly when consumed, mushrooms can be quite uncomfortable for the digestive system. By consuming anything before, you can lower the likelihood that this will occur.
Avoid combining. In general, it is not a good idea to combine drugs because this increases the unpredictability of the effects. The same applies to alcohol. The Risks and Side Effects of Smoking magic Mushrooms

What do you do if Someone is Experiencing an Overdose?

In the event that you suspect someone you know is overdosing, you need to act quickly. Keep your cool and think about the following actions:

  • When it comes to an overdose, time is of the importance. It’s critical to dial 911 right away in order to implement life-saving procedures.
  • Remain with the person until assistance comes. If the person is responding, keep them awake and talking while keeping an eye on their respiration.
  • If you have received CPR training, start doing it right away. As an alternative, you can get instructions from a 911 operator.
  • It’s advisable to get medical attention right away even if you’re not sure if someone has overdosed.
  • If you own it, give someone naloxone. Naloxone is available without a prescription from most pharmacies in the majority of states. Naloxone is available for little or no cost from community-based groups and local health agencies. Naloxone quickly counteracts an opioid’s effects.

The only way to preserve lives is to provide prompt, appropriate care. In the unlikely case of an overdose, the first important thing to do is call emergency services for assistance.

When to get help.

Above all, be sure you can identify problems. If you or anybody else encounters any of the following after taking mushrooms, contact 911 immediately:

breathing difficulties
erratic pulse, excitement, hostility, seizures

The bottom line

You can smoke mushrooms, but it’s generally best to obtain your mushrooms in a different method if you want to get high.

While there isn’t any scientific proof that smoking mushrooms causes the psychedelic effects of psilocybin, we do know that smoke of any kind is toxic to the respiratory system.

Remember that although hallucinogens aren’t usually thought to be as addictive as other drugs, abusing them on a regular basis might cause issues in your daily life.

You have choices if you’re worried about your drug usage and would like assistance:

Speak with your primary care physician (just so you know, they can’t give this information to the police due to patient confidentiality rules).

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