How Much Does LSD Cost? (Street Price of LSD)

How Much Does LSD Cost

Prices for LSD might be confusing to the uninformed. It’s not always evident why seemingly comparable items have varying pricing. How Much Does LSD Cost

This page discusses all of the elements that influence the price of LSD, such as potency, delivery technique, and location.

What’s the Average Cost Per Hit of LSD?

The typical cost of one LSD hit is between $10 and $20, depending on the delivery technique and strength. This equates to about $0.13 per gram of LSD (estimated).

In the United States and Europe, expect to pay up to $40 for each tab, whereas in Australia, expect to pay closer to $50.

Because different forms of LSD have varied potency levels, comparing pricing should preferably be done per microgram to place items on an equal playing field. Unfortunately, the dosage fluctuates greatly from one tab to the next, making it difficult to correctly determine the cost of LSD per µg.

A typical dose of LSD is roughly 80  µg, however, some samples have tested as high as 180  µg

We can estimate the rough cost of LSD based on its availability (matching to legal status) and potency (based on low, medium, or high-potency acid tabs) based on the information given.

Calculating the price of LSD based on its legal status and potency:

Legal Status & AvailabilityLow Potency (80 mcg)Moderate Potency (120 mcg)High Potency (180 mcg)
Places Where LSD Is Decriminalized & Widespread$10/tab ($0.15/µg)$15/tab ($0.15/µg)$20/tab ($0.16/µg)
Places Where LSD is Illegal, but Common$20/tab ($0.23/µg)$30/tab ($0.26/µg)$40/tab ($0.32/µg)
Places Where LSD is Strictly Banned & Hard to Find$30/tab ($0.39/µg)$40/tab ($0.34/µg)$50/tab ($0.29/µg)

What Does LSD Cost in Other Countries?

While LSD is outlawed in many countries, it may be found all around the world. Prices vary similarly to those in the United States. The following is a short sampling of LSD prices in various countries. Currency conversion rates fluctuate on a daily basis, but you may check the rate with a currency calculator.

  • 7.00-50.00 AUS per pill in Australia
  • 15,000.00-25,000.00 CHL per dosage in Chile
  • Columbia: COL 40,700.00 per dosage
  • 5-11 EUR per dosage in European countries
  • 60.00-100.00 ISR per unit in Israel
  • 21400.00 KOR per pill in the Republic of Korea
  • 10.00-20.00 MAR per wholesale unit in Morocco
  • 20.00-50.00 NZL per unit in New Zealand
  • 70.00-150.00 ZAF per unit in South Africa

What Factors Affect the Price of LSD?

LSD is hard to price since it varies based on where you reside, how much you buy, the delivery system, and the strength. A pricing breakdown based on each of these parameters is shown below.

Prices inherently vary by location due to unknown factors such as local supply and demand and the cost of living. However, one important component in setting LSD costs is its legal status.

Because LSD is illegal in much of the United States and Canada, users must seek out black-market dealers and obtain tabs secretly. Most dealers charge a premium for the added danger, and costs might be 20-30% more in areas where LSD is prohibited.

Because of the lesser danger connected with its possession and sale, places where LSD is decriminalized, such as Oregon, California, Washington DC, and Vancouver, Canada, frequently have cheaper pricing. Supply is frequently higher in these areas as well, increasing competition and driving down prices.
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2. Order Quantity

Buying lsd in bulk is an excellent strategy to save money because most vendors will give you a discount if you purchase more.

You don’t have to worry about your LSD tablets going bad as long as you store them in an airtight container at room temperature, or in the fridge or freezer for extended periods of time.

Many individuals buy one or two tabs at a time and end up paying much more in the long run, so consider ordering larger purchases and keeping them away if you know you’ll need them soon.

To get the most out of your acid, use it within three years after purchasing it. The more you wait, the more vulnerable it gets.

3. The Delivery Method

Prices vary according to delivery method and product demand. Sugar cubes, for example, are frequently substantially more expensive than blotter paper.

A) What Does a Vial of Liquid LSD Cost?

A vial of liquid LSD typically includes 100 doses and ranges in price from $200 to $500. Because liquid LSD is less handy than tabs and loses strength faster, purchasing in bulk is not always practical.

However, on a per-microgram basis, vials are frequently less costly than blotter paper.

B) What Does LSD Blotter Paper Cost?

Blotter acid is the most often used method of ingesting LSD. Full sheets include around 900 tabs or dosages and range in price from $2500-$6,000 if purchased in bulk, or around $10 per tab.

C) What Do LSD Micro Dots Cost?

Because micro dots aren’t as popular as they once were, the price fluctuates more than with other dosing techniques due to supply and demand. Micro dots typically cost between $2 and $10 for a single dosage of 80-100 micrograms.

D) What Do LSD Sugar Cubes Cost?

Sugar cubes are around the same price as tabs while being significantly more expensive in other circumstances. A sugar cube containing a single shot of liquid LSD is typically priced between $15 and $30.

E) What Do LSD Gel Tabs Cost?

LSD gel tablets are the least popular way of administration because they are relatively new to the psychedelic scene. They usually command the greatest pricing due to their novelty. They are also more powerful than other techniques, which boosts the overall cost even if the price per microgram remains unchanged. Gel tablets are often priced between $15 and $40 each hit.

4. Potency

The most crucial element influencing the price of LSD is its potency. Because very strong products are in high demand, they are more expensive per microgram than regular-strength choices.

Although pure liquid LSD has a fixed potency, tabs, micro dots, sugar cubes, and gel tabs can vary by tens or hundreds of micrograms.

Many consumers are willing to pay a premium for high-potency hits, so don’t anticipate 350-microgram gel tabs to be merely three to four times the price of regular 100-microgram tabs. They are frequently significantly more costly.

Similarly, microdoses are frequently more expensive per microgram. Because there is little demand for these items, dealers frequently boost the cost to make them worthwhile.

Conclusion: How Much Does LSD Cost

LSD prices are affected by a variety of factors, making them difficult to predict in general. The most essential aspects influencing the price of LSD are your location, local supply and demand, potency, legality, and delivery mode.

On average, expect to pay between $10 and $20 per hit of LSD in areas where it is widely used, and up to $40 or $50 in areas where it is completely outlawed and difficult to get.

Remember to examine pricing per microgram because greater potency items will cost more. Because their demand is limited, niche goods like exceptionally high or low-potency tablets typically cost more per microgram. LSD users who reside in one of the few countries where it is legal will typically discover that costs are significantly cheaper due to fewer risks for dealers and more availability.

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