Mexicana Cubensis svampar: Effekter, dosering och växande riktlinjer

Mexicana Cubensis Svampar

Mexicana Cubensis Shrooms (Psilocybe cubensis) should not be confused with Psilocybe mexicana, which is a completely distinct species.

The Mexicana cubensis strain is marketed as a classic strain that originated in, you got it, Mexico, as a third-generation isolation from indigenous shrooms.

Mexicana is a simple magic mushroom to grows as a P. cubensis shroom.

This strain colonizes quicker than other cubensis shrooms, making it a good choice for beginners. You may also love the fact that this type has some minor morphological differences in the mushroom fruits and is more effective than your ordinary Mexican magic mushroom.

This essay will explain what the Mexicana strain is, what to expect from your shroom experience, and how to grow it.

Mexicana Shroom Specifikationer

EffektMedium to Strong
ArterPsilocybe cubensis
Substrate RecommendationManure, Rye Grain, BRF, PWS, Highly concentrated Flour, Various Grains
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History of the Mexicana Strain

This strain is thought to be an isolate of one of the psilocybin-containing mushrooms used in spiritual rituals by the legendary Mazatec mushroom healer Maria Sabina ? but we don’t know for sure because she employed a variety of entheogenic mushrooms in her practice.

Sabina’s usage of psilocybin mushrooms gained worldwide notice in the late 1960s after she brought R. Gordon Wasson and his wife to a traditional mushroom ritual, which Wasson documented and published in Life Magazine, exposing magic mushrooms to the Western World.

Potency & Psilocybin Content

There is no quantifiable data about this strain’s particular potency (yet). However, based on our own testing and the reports we’ve found online, this mushroom is POTENT. We estimate that the typical concentration of this mushroom is between 1.2 and 2% of total tryptamines.

While a strain’s genetics can influence how strong it develops, mycologists feel that ideal growth circumstances and harvesting are even more important for potency.

Typical cubensis mushrooms have a psilocybin level of 0.5-1% by dry weight, and there’s no way to evaluate this in home-grown mushrooms without sending a sample to a professional lab.

Some of the most recent data on potency comes from Oakland Hyphae, a black-owned, grassroots group that hosts the bi-annual Psilocybin Cup.

Growers can compete for the highest potency and shroom sizes in this tournament. The quantities of psilocybin, psilocin, and total tryptamine in samples are determined using high-performance chromatography.

Unfortunately, no samples of Mexicana have been submitted thus far in the competition.

Where To Buy Mexicana Cubensis Shrooms

Mexicana cubensis spores are not as common as the Golden Teacher. Still, if you can get your hands on them, they’re a joy to cultivate and will reward you with some interesting physical variances in the mushrooms. If you do it correctly, you will reap a bountiful crop.

Check out the following spore and grow kit vendor:

Similar Strains: Mexicana Cubensis

The Mexicana strain is quite similar to other Mexican-origin mushroom strains. It is most closely linked to the Huatla (Oaxaca) strain, however, there are several others:

Huautla (Oaxaca) Magic Mushroom

Huaulta (Oaxaca) shrooms are indigenous to Mexico and have a long history with the Mazatec peoples of the region.

This is a P. cubensis strain that was bred for hallucinogenic rituals by legendary mushroom priestess Maria Sabina.

If you want to try psychedelic mushrooms for the first time, we recommend starting with the Oaxaca strain. Because these aren’t as strong as other P. cubensis strains, it’s harder to exceed the dosages.

Huaulta shroom lab studies suggest that its average psilocybin and psilocin levels (in dried mushrooms) are 0.47% and 0.01%, respectively.

Because these shrooms aren’t as strong, they’re less likely to give first-timers a bad experience and are more softer.


Golden Teacher shrooms are possibly the most well-known of the Mexican magic mushrooms; both novice and veteran mushroom users love Golden Teachers for their steady and intense high that is easy on the body.

Growing Golden Teachers from spores is quite simple because they are typically always in stock by most major spore sellers, are resistant to contamination, and have a high harvest rate.


Burma Mushrooms may provide you with some of the most aesthetically bizarre experiences of your life. However, they may not be suitable for first-time shroomers. It?s only suggested if you?ve had previous encounters with magic mushrooms since dealing with such bizarre visions is risky if you don?t know how you?ve behaved in the past. After a while, you?ll want to try out these new hallucinations every weekend. Click to read more about Svampar från Burma

Brasilianska magiska svampar

Brasiliansk is a psilocybe originating from Brazil. Its growing environment is tropical and is known to be a high-yielding and fast-growing magic mushroom. In physical form, the veil that connects the hat to the stem is thicker than other shrooms. The Brazilian strain is an ancient strain that was consumed by Mesoamericans for generations. In ancient times these magic mushrooms were consumed by the local indigenous population to communicate with the spirits and for further enlightenment. Amazingly this strain still grows naturally in the northern part of Brazil and Brazilians and travelers alike seek them. Growing magic mushrooms outdoors. Läs mer på related post

Matias Romero

This strain is named after the Oaxacan hamlet of Matias Romero. It’s a little more difficult to cultivate and might be sensitive to less-than-ideal growth conditions.

This strain’s potency is around average for what you might anticipate from Psilocybe cubensis.


Because these powerful mushrooms are prone to mold and bacteria, it is vital to keep the growth area clean. But the work is worthwhile since the mushrooms produced by the Guadalajara variety are both huge and powerful.


This is one of the few Mexican cubensis strains that produce bright-colored dots on the caps as it grows (nearly like Amanita muscaria). The potency of MexiCube mushrooms is ordinary, however, there have been stories of super-potent samples retrieved when cultivated under ideal conditions.

Creeper magiska svampar

Creeper magiska svampar (Psilocybe Cubensis, Keepers Creeper) även känd som Väktarens krypande är en stam som distribueras på nätet av en mykolog vid namn The Little Guy. Hans vistelseort är okänd, men vår forskning visar att han var en aktiv sporförsäljare i slutet av 90-talet och början av 2000-talet. Stammen utvecklades ursprungligen av Keeper en annan mykolog på nätet från samma tid som har försvunnit. Även om dessa mykologer inte längre är aktiva på nätet fortsätter deras arv eftersom dessa stammar reproduceras av flera sporförsäljare och mykologer runt om i världen. Våra mästarodlare kunde hitta den ursprungliga stammen av Keepers Creepers från det ursprungliga sporbiblioteket för att ge en korrekt genetisk produktion av stammen från 90-talet. Click to buy this strain

Mexican Albino

The Mexican Albino mushroom strain is leucistic (not genuine albino). It’s unclear whose strain this mushroom was generated from or if it was found in the wild. Some tales state that the iconic Mushroom John Allen acquired this white-colored mushroom throughout his trips around the country, but we have yet to confirm these claims.

Psilocybe mexicana

This is not a close cousin, yet it is sometimes mistaken with this mushroom.

The Psilocybe mexicana is a completely separate species endemic to North and Central America, not a cubensis shroom at all.

It is distinguished from the cubensis species by its irregular, oblong-shaped mushroom caps and hardened fungal mycelium termed sclerotia, which acts as food storage during periods of stress or poor growth circumstances.

The Psilocybe mexicana was isolated by Roger Heim from a sample given by Valentina Pavlovna Wasson and Roger Wasson and is reported to be one of the mushrooms Maria Sabina utilized in her mushroom rituals.

The strength of these mushrooms is lower than that of P. cubensis, with 0.25 psilocybin and 0.25 psilocin on average, whereas cubes can have 0.5-2%.

How To Grow Mexicana Magic Mushrooms

Growing Mexicana cube mushrooms is quite simple; they are not susceptible to contamination, can survive on a range of substrates, and have a quick colonization period of 10-12 days.

The PF-Tek technique is the finest strategy for cultivating Mexicana magic mushrooms for individuals who are new to shroom production and have limited resources.

To get started, you’ll need some materials (though not as many as with other techniques), but happily, you can find everything you need at your local garden center or hardware shop for about $80.

The PF-Tek technique colonizes mycelium in glass jars with sterilized substrate ? cereal grains like rye grain work well for this. Read more information on hur man odlar magiska svampar

It is critical that you maintain a sanitary atmosphere throughout this process.

Although Mexicana is relatively resistant to infection, you should still give the spores a fighting chance by using gloves, wearing a mask, and disinfecting your working area and instruments.

You should be able to colonize 6 L or 13 quarts of substrate with a 20 cc spore syringe.

The Mexicana strain colonizes quickly, so you’ll notice white, whispy mycelium take over your jars in 10-12 days. Your substrate cakes are now ready for the fruiting chamber.

Mexicana enjoys a warmer and more humid climate of around 80°F (27 °C).

It’s not a fussy shroom, so mild temperature changes are OK.

Do your best not to touch them and let them be. They?ll eventually grow and shoot up to form long, 3?5-inch mushrooms.

When the mushroom caps open, they’re ready to harvest. Squeeze the shroom at the base to remove it from the cake.

These cakes will give you three to four flushes, with each flush yielding fewer and fewer shrooms.

Mold will eventually destroy the cakes, so discard them and sanitize all of your equipment before beginning a fresh batch.

How to Dose Mexicana Mushrooms

It’s hard to determine how powerful your shrooms are until you send a sample to a lab, but here are some broad recommendations to assist you in managing your experience.

0.25 to 1 g as a recreational dosage

1 – 2.5 g as a recreational dosage

3?5 g is a high recreational dosage.

5 g + spiritual dosage

While these are the recommended doses, it’s important to note that dosing shrooms is a personal matter, since the experience will be heavily influenced by the individual’s genetics, previous experience with shrooms, mood, and environment.

Mexicana mushrooms are reported to be more potent than Golden Teacher mushrooms, so start with a lesser dose and gradually increase to higher quantities.

You may always take more shrooms, but if you overdo it, there’s no turning back and you’ll have to ride out your trip.

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FAQs About the Mexicana Cubensis Strain

1. What are Mexicana cubensis mushrooms?

Mexicana cubensis mushrooms are a Psilocybe cubensis magic mushroom strain endemic to Mexico that produces psychedelic effects.

These mushrooms are unique from the Mexicana psilocybin mushrooms, which produce sclerotia. Mexicana Cubensis Shrooms

However, these Mexicana cubensis shrooms are members of the same species as the Psilocybe cubensis mushroom, the most prevalent kind of magic mushroom.

2. What are the effects of Mexicana shrooms?

Mexicana shroom effects vary depending on the individual and amount, however, Mexicana shrooms are considered to have above-average potency.

Under the effect of these, users experience auditory and visual hallucinations, alterations in perception, altered mood, euphoria, and a connection with nature.

3. How long does the trip last with Mexicana cube shrooms?

The benefits of Mexicana magic mushrooms should be felt within 30 minutes to an hour after intake.

Psilocybin mushrooms’ effects normally last 4-6 hours, depending on the amount, with the peak of experience occurring around the 2-3 hour point.

The suggested dose might vary depending on the user’s tolerance and the experience they want to have with Mexicana magic mushrooms.

Although growing circumstances play a significant effect in the strength of your mushrooms, Mexicana is considered to have above-average potency, so dosage with caution to prevent going crazy.

With these Mexicana shrooms, the normal psychoactive mushroom dosage is roughly 2-3 grams.

5. Are there any potential side effects when taking Mexicana shrooms?

Mexicana shrooms, like any psychedelic, have the potential to cause negative effects. However, as long as the mushrooms were grown properly, you shouldn’t have to worry about toxicity.

One of the hazards of consuming any psychoactive mushroom is feeling overwhelmed or agitated as a result of the psychedelic experience. It can cause paranoia, anxiety, and panic attacks, especially if the individual is depressed or in a stressful setting.

It’s also worth noting that psilocybin can interfere with drugs and mental health issues, so these mushrooms should not be used casually.

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