White Truffle Strain | Super Exotic


White Truffle Strain is here and we can let the looks speak for themselves! The ideal flower of the cannabis enthusiast, White Truffle Strain | Extremely Exotic. THC concentration is really high and hefty, hovering at about 25%. You are aware of its potency and heavy smoking. The appearances are incredible, as you can see. Almost 95% of the buds are completely covered in trichomes and are deep purple. Amazing color contrast is created by the orange hairs that peek through. This strain is quite expensive and has gained a lot of popularity among aficionados, but we can secure it for you at a very affordable price!

This hybrid strain has a strong Indica influence and will put you to sleep. This stunning strain was created by fusing Gorilla Butter with Peanut Butter Breath, giving it an amazing flavor, color, and aroma.

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