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Great Taste – A chocolate bar that will make you trip and fall. How could that not be a fantasy? shroom chocolate bars
Clean High – We designed this chocolate bar to give you a clean high that won’t leave you falling after the first high. shroom chocolate bars where to buy
Authentic Psychedelic Experience –
Just because it doesn’t taste like mushrooms doesn’t mean it isn’t. There will be no decrease in the quality of your trip; in fact, you may opt to convert to edibles!
Sneaky – Yes, Magic. Although mushrooms are allowed in Canada, you may not want to be caught filling your face with them. Snacking on chocolate is the way to go if you want to keep it nice and unobtrusive. chocolate bar with mushrooms
Dosage Flexibility. shroom chocolate bars where to buy

The 3.5g of mushrooms in this chocolate may be divided up for more flexible dosing. This chocolate bar includes approximately.6g of Magic Mushrooms per square, while each bar has 3.5g. This chocolate bar has you covered for a micro-dose or a full-on adventure. Shroom chocolate bars
On the house, here’s a terrific idea! Have a picnic with your buddies, eat some smokey BBQ, then wash it down with some Magic Mushroom Chocolate for dessert. You’ll be grateful when everyone begins peaking!

Golden teacher mushrooms are used to make gummies.
Traditional medicines, such as psilocybin and other psychedelics, have been shown in studies to be effective in the treatment of PTSD, stress, anxiety, and addiction. There is no magic bullet or recognized treatment for any of these health concerns, however, some people have claimed alleviation from symptoms.


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