The Best Ways to Consume Mushrooms (Psilocybin)

What Are the Best Methods for Consuming Mushrooms? The Ultimate Handbook.

Magic mushrooms are becoming more popular. These psilocybin mushrooms, sometimes known as “shrooms,” are taken for a unique and often powerful psychedelic experience. People all over the globe have come to see them as a natural gift that provides a taste of enchantment, and they have made headlines in many areas of the world, particularly in countries where psychoactive chemicals are authorized, such as Canada. Best way to eat shrooms

Today, alternative medicine specialists argue that psychedelic mushrooms may aid consumers in a variety of ways, mostly by generating a prolonged sensation of pleasure induced by psilocybin, the most prominent hallucinogenic ingredient in them, while also providing users with a variety of health advantages.

Remember to do your homework and get them from a reputable supplier since they are often harmful and may harm your liver cells. If you reside in Canada, for example, be sure to check out the finest shroom dispensary in Canada to ensure that you acquire top-quality certified items that will safeguard your health.

In addition to knowing how to ingest magic mushrooms properly, you also need to understand how to procure the finest quality mushrooms and how to keep magic mushrooms properly. The worst thing that can happen to someone who wants to have a good supply of mushrooms is to store them incorrectly and end up squandering them.

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Storing Shrooms

If you don’t take care of magic mushrooms properly, they could get old, lose their power, and even be very open to dangerous germs and mold. In other words, you put your mind and body in grave peril.

Mushrooms are fungi, which you already know, and they can be dangerous if they are not stored properly. In my own experience over the years, I’ve discovered four elements to be aware of in order to get the longest possible shelf life. They are…

  • Oxygen
  • Heat
  • UV light
  • Mold & bacteria

Don’t be concerned. It is not costly nor difficult to properly store magic mushrooms. For example, any of these low-cost methods will provide a long shelf life.

1: ZipLock Baggies , best way to eat shrooms

2: After grinding them, store them in capsules. Seriously, it’s my favorite way to store them,

Some individuals choose to keep magic mushrooms in chocolate, either by incorporating pulverized mushrooms into melted chocolate or by incorporating them into something like honey. I would only advocate this if making edibles is the sole method you intend to consume them. (And keep them away from anybody who doesn’t know what’s inside.)

If you can get your hands on some fresh mushrooms, you may want to try air drying them. Simply place the mushrooms on a large paper towel for around 72 hours. You may even go all out and dehydrate them using a food dehydrator. (a good alternative if you can afford one) or maybe even freeze-drying.

Whatever you select, if you purchase more mushrooms than you need for the time being, you’ll need a strong storage strategy.

Shrooms are the finest consumed uncooked, however many individuals find their flavor disagreeable and are unable to consume them without accompaniments. As a result, you must first choose your preferred route of absorption, and we will discuss how to do so in this post.

Smoke The Shrooms


This is one of the most common methods of ingesting mushrooms. Some like to smoke them, while others claim that smoking has a different impact than eating them. Still, smoking them doesn’t have the same long-lasting effects as eating them raw.

Small particles that get into your lungs when you smoke mushrooms can also be very bad for your health. While some individuals love smoking mushrooms, Spinfuel does not endorse it.

Mix Shroom With Other Foods

Instead of eating them raw, sprinkle them on top of other foods or combine them with them. People usually combine them with their favorite foods, such as pizza, burgers, and spaghetti, but feel free to be creative.

You may, for example, crush them up and eat them with Japanese rice crackers or rice cakes to help hide the mushroom taste with little preparation. Many people use it in their favorite chocolate chip cookies or brownies as a baking ingredient.

Before combining or sprinkling the powder over your meal, be sure to clean the fungus. Even with a little heat, virulent bacteria multiply at contagious levels.

Take Them With Tea or Mix With Juices

Because most people dislike eating mushrooms, they may be consumed as a tea. Making mushroom tea is one of the best ways to ingest them since it is simpler for your digestive system and more pleasant for your taste buds.

It’s best served hot and with spices, according to your preferences. It is advised that you be creative during the preparation process and add your favorite spices and tastes to enjoy a peaceful cup of mushroom tea as you go on your wonderful adventure.

Take Them As A Shroom Smoothie

A mushroom smoothie may be a good alternative for people seeking methods to cover the flavor. To begin, crush the magic mushrooms in a plastic bag. Make your smoothie with your preferred ingredients, then add the mushrooms and whirl the mixer several times to combine everything.

To make things easier, pick your favorite juice, whether it’s orange juice or any other juice, drink a bit, then add the crushed mushrooms and shake the container. The body absorbs liquids more quickly, which may result in a more rapid sensation.

Shroom-Infused Chocolates and Other Sweets

One of its finest features is that they go with practically anything. If you have a sweet tooth, this strategy may suit you best. Place little amounts into chocolates or other delectable confections, such as caramels or baked biscuits.

Keep in mind that psilocybin breaks down at 190°F, so baking it for a long time may make it less potent. There is always the option of trying no-bake variants to retain potency.

Final Thoughts

If you like mushrooms but dislike how they taste, there are many ways to consume them without feeling terrible in your stomach. Sipping it as warm tea, combining it with a creamy risotto or wonderful pasta meal, or incorporating it into a smoothie is just a few of the possibilities. Chocolate bars

Remember that starting with a small dose is a great way to get used to the experience.

best way to eat shrooms

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